Full-scale Bookkeeping

The Consider it DONE! team are experts at developing and maintaining your financial records. We offer a variety of virtual bookkeeping services to various industries. We can provide accurate reconciliations, accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll services. We believe every business can benefit from having a dedicated workforce of virtual bookkeepers handling their records. Consider it DONE! will customize a plan that is right for you that may include the following services:
As a part of our process, we provide all of our clients monthly financials that are accurate and crucial to keeping your company’s goals on track. We will walk you through each report and carefully explain your company’s key performance indicators.
Getting your clients to pay is pertinent to every company’s cash flow. Consider it DONE! will create your customer invoices, set up procedures for collection of payments and oversee collection of unpaid invoices.
Who do I owe, which vendor is most critical to pay and what does my cash flow look like to get my vendors paid? Consider it DONE!’s team can process vendor invoices for accurate reporting, integrate a seamless system for invoice payments and reconcile vendor statements.
Hiring employees is an ongoing process. State and federal mandates must be in place to hire an employee. As your company grows, you will need to collect accurate information to on-board an employee. Consider it DONE! can help with this as well as ongoing updates to employees’ status. Consistent payroll processing and accurate journal entries can be tedious, but we are there to help through this process.
Congratulations! You made it through another year. Your financial planner is awaiting numbers to make the year-end contributions to your investment portfolio. Financials need to be provided to your accountant. We will do a final, comprehensive review of out client’s numbers prior to presentation to your accountant. Also, Consider it DONE! can help with end of the year payroll and 1099’s to be processed for all subcontractors.