Consider it DONE’s specialty is cleaning up the mess of others. We have a customized, systematic and efficient system to get your numbers accurate and current. You may have hired an incompetent bookkeeper, or you tried to keep up with the books yourself, but you are a real estate investor (or designer or wine shop owner!) and you simply do not know how to create accurate financials. A mess has been made of your books that you know are critical for financial awareness of your company.

We at Consider it DONE! will assess (see section Diagnosis) and will put a very comprehensive plan in place to get your books in order. Typically, we charge an hourly rate and keep you apprised of our progress. These jobs can be lengthy. Sometimes instead of attempting to clean up the mess, we will simply start with brand new fresh books.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a tech startup, a chain of dry cleaners, a computer repair shop, or a church, cash is still king. You should always have an exact measure of your cash, what account it’s coming from and what you’re spending it on. Equally important, you need to be able to explain those correct numbers to auditors, bankers, and investors.