Consultation and Diagnosis

Your books are a mess. You cannot apply for that loan, create a proper budget or file your tax return. You need a new resource to grow your company. We, at Consider it DONE! will diagnosis your books (with a written report provided to you) and point you in a direction of how to best run your business with financial facts.

Firstly, we will meet via Zoom or a telephone conference call (at no charge to you). This initial call will be to assess such things as how many accounts you have, access to statements, payroll concerns and current procedures. We will then take this pertinent information and review your books at a minimal cost. The final diagnostic report should enable you to make decisions of next steps such as where to start with your reconciliations, should you keep your current bookkeeper or specific systems that may be needed to increase your productivity.

At this time, we typically provide you with a quote for next steps. You may need a full deep-dive into your past reconciliations, a fresh start at the beginning of the current year or monthly reconciliations going forward.